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Cuisine in Saint Lucia

Given the diverse peoples which melded into today’s St. Lucia, it is not surprising that what has resulted is a unique and very interesting modern culture. As would be expected, these influences – Amerindian, African, Indian, French and British – are readily seen in the foods and cooking styles used on island today. Many restaurants use the term ‘Creole’ to describe Saint Lucia’s local style of food. This name originated from the influences of the French in St. Lucia’s history; the local patois language is called ‘Creole’.

But with the growth of tourism over the past three decades has come a large number of new influences from restaurateurs and chefs arriving from all over the world and given this array of new tastes and styles, it’s not surprising that there is a most enticing variety of cuisines served in St. Lucia restaurants today. Many of our dining establishments and island chefs, including locals serving more traditional fare, have achieved regional and international acclaim for both their culinary creations and the tropical ambiance provided.

Also, in recent years there has been a concerted effort within St. Lucia’s agriculture sector to improve the quality and variety of produce grown on island. Locally grown organic fruits and vegetables of excellent quality are a common feature on the island’s menus providing the taste and freshness discerning tourists demand. And, of course, fresh seafood can be enjoyed island wide.

Visitors are assured of having a great variety of St. Lucia dining options for consideration at every meal. From fine dining in world class establishments to simple fare at a local eatery, enjoyable dining is certain to enhance your holiday experience.

When you come for a visit, why not give some authentic local dishes a try such as a traditional Lucian breakfast of coco tea and bakes. Coco tea is essentially hot chocolate made with our local cocoa, which is said to be among the richest in the world. A bake (a bit of a misnomer) is a fried dough product with a hearty flavour and texture which stands well on its own. For lunch, try Saint Lucia’s national dish of green figs and salt fish. Green figs are boiled green (unripe) bananas. Salt fish is dried salted cod which is rinsed well before cooking, usually by boiling. Both of these versatile foods are served in many other ways. One favourite is green fig salad which is similar to a traditional potato salad but made with green figs.

No matter what your culinary preferences, you can be certain that when you visit our beautiful island enjoyable dining awaits at every meal.

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